Jika Kata Kata Terindah Menawan – If Words Teribndah Charming – Even if the person like him, why he did not immediately meet with him? It continues to be considered by Rani, so he decided to come home late from a friend and will continue to come early, with the aim to find out who the person who had sent this letter to him.

Excuse me, “the voice in front of the classroom door swings memeberhentikan moment broom Rani, who was memebersihkan class. Yes. “And he said Rani. He was surprised, he found a man Kak Edo were already waiting for him in front of the class, with a letter in his hand.

It is no warrant of wakepsek kesiswa’an, so that all the students of this class to line up in front of the class after the end of class. There were informed he says. “Said Kak Edo. Well, brother. I will present to classmates. “And he said Rani will command Kak Edo.

Hour lesson was over. All class XI students gathered at the basketball court and ready to listen to the direction of wakepsek. Behind it there is a crowd of students are getting restless Rani will be the failure of his plan to find out who put the letter under the table himself. He found Kak Edo and other council members gathered in front of the pulpit while menedengarkan direction from wakepsek.


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