Memang Banyak Kandungan Kata Kata Terbaik – The content of zinc contained in these nuts are excellent and can assist in the formation of red blood cells. Where the process can be more smoothly and also be maintained. Praise be to Allaah, the red blood cell has a good role for the body.


so that the function is always maintained, the necessary content of the so-called zinc. This element can be met from the beans. Assist in the formation of enzymes Iron is owned by long beans provide auxiliary role ucapan selamat siang in the formation of enzymes by chemical reaction. Where these enzymes will require another.


element that could function more leverage in keeping the body to keep a balanced system. Benefits of Long Bean Leaf Besides the fruit in the form of long-shaped bean, long bean leaf or often called mauve also have health benefits. Especially as ingredients for traditional medicine.


Leaves of this plant can be used as a traditional medicine to overcome swollen breasts after childbirth. take long bean leaves are still easy to taste, then mash until smooth. Smeared collision leaves long kata kata galau beans is at about the breast, then do the massage gently. Allow it to dry by itself, then wash with warm water. In addition to be a drug, long bean leaves can also.


be consumed as a friend to eat rice. Could the pan-fried or boiled and diajdikan vegetables to chili Coel. Some people make these leaves as an ingredient in the manufacture of a hodgepodge.


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