Menjaga Keutuhan Puisi Yang DIsampaikan – With age there will be changes in the condition of the bones to become brittle. In the state continues to decrease bone makes up gestures are no longer as before. However.only with long beans will provide good nutrition to maintain healthy bones.


Because the content of magnesium and calcium in the bean is able to meet all the needs for bone. By doing so, the bones remain kata kata motivasi healthy and fit. Advertisement Maintaining healthy joints In every human being there are joints that continue to work according to its function. However, sometimes it may.


decrease joint conditions and unhealthy, in this situation raises some uncomfortable pain. This problem can be overcome by long beans that contain manganese, wherein these elements is very good for the joints. Meet the needs of manganese in the same body by maintaining healthy joints. The fiber.


content prevents the risk of diabetes in high quantities on long beans is very good for the prevention of blood sugar levels puisi guru continue to rise. Where fiber is able to prevent an increase in sugar content to be always in a state of normal or balanced As antibodies named Peanuts contain copper.


one element plays an important role as antibodies in the body. Praise be to Allaah, the body requires antibodies to always stay fit and strengthen the working system of the body.


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