Mudah Mudahan Kata Kata Hanya Mimpi – For the first we must be diligent – diligently consume water for our bodies, in addition to refreshing water also appeared to be making our bodies back to its original form.


ie by drinking four glasses of water when you wake up. That way the rest – the rest of the food that is in our body, especially in ucapan selamat ulang tahun the area of the hull can be carried directly to the bottom and the waste in the stool, and after that you can eat an hour after that by eating foods that are healthy.


for the needs of your morning. Sometimes we are always quick hungry, but basically we’ve eaten two or three hours ago, now to solve it you can consume the juice fibrous to fill your stomach, in addition to juice also.


with low fat can block out your stomach growling in the background but not yet entered hour meal. Sometimes people who have kata kata sedih passion much will direct kick ass just to eat Рa heavy meal like rice with side dishes, although not yet entered into mealtimes, or also when previously been eating hours ago.


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